How to Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to make money through online. This is a something where you didn’t need any technical personal to start it, you can start making money with little internet knowledge.

Let’s talk about Affiliate Marketing

Easiest way to describe Affiliate marketing, when affiliate network helps another company to sell their products online and then affiliate website get paid commission for each sale you bring to them. For instance: If you are promoting a product of Namshi priced at $200 and affiliate network pays you 16% commission of the sale, you can earn $32. In short, it is a performance base marketing, where affiliate website will only receive commission if visitor makes a purchase.

Key Player in Affiliate Marketing:-

  1. The Merchant: Online website which provides products and services. Some of the merchants are: Namshi, Souq, Amazon, Cheapoair etc.
  2. The Affiliate Network: Affiliate network is an intermediary between merchants and publishers is called Affiliate network. Some of affiliate networks are: Shoogloo Media, CJ affiliate network, amazon, ebay etc.
  3. The Publisher: This would be a coupon website, personal blog, email & social media marketer who is publishing the merchant products. Publisher used tracking links, banners on their website to market products. If website has a lot of traffic, that means more potential customers. Some of the publisher are: com,,,, etc.
  4. The Customer: This would be a visitor who click and purchase the product from the publisher advertisement.


At the end, it explains that how affiliate marketing is a money making concept. When a person create some websites, blogs and tie-up with affiliate network which provides tracking links, banners.  After then, visitor purchase the product which will generate commission.


Best of Luck!!!!

Have some good earning from affiliate Marketing.  If you have any questions about affiliate marketing, please leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you right away.

How to Achieve Best Results While Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best practice to monetise the traffic from your websites or blogs. These days the practices in this field are changing dynamically the ways of targeting the potential consumers for the products you are promoting are also becoming diverse day by day. Below are some of tips with the help of which you can achieve the best results in your affiliate marketing practices: –

  1. Niche – Selecting a proper Niche while starting with affiliate marketing is one of the major factors which contribute to long term success in this field. Target a specific Niche where you belong the most will be more profitable then target random Niches. To get maximum returns you should stick around the niche you had selected and should promote the products related to it.
  2. Target Audience – Your audience plays the major role in defining the success for you in affiliate marketing. You should understand the nature, behaviors, preferences and relevancy of your target audience before promoting any of the products. This will ensure that your audience will get the what they are looking for and will also help to increase the engagement with them.
  3. Marketing – It is also one the major role players to determine your success in affiliate marketing. Marketing term here refer to both for the products you are promoting and how you are promoting. There are many ways to promote products these days but if you stick to search results more that the paid sources then the results can be favorable for the long run.
  4. Affiliate Network- This is one of the key ingredient in affiliate marketing. You should select a good network to promote the products from. These days there are hundreds of affiliate networks even merchant had started the in house affiliate programs but the main benefit to work with affiliate network is that you will get many programs to promote under a single umbrella.
  5. Patience – Patience is must have requirement for successful affiliate marketing venture. The results may take time. There is no ethical way to get thousands of visitors from the day one. You have to put regular efforts build traffic and market yourself to get good traffic and once this starts to happen the results will also start showing.

Earn Big with Shoogloo Media

Affiliate Marketing provides the tremendous scope for the smart revenues by monetizing the traffic to millions of publishers all around the globe and with the passage of time the practices related to this concept has seen significant changes. The markets like United States, India and United Kingdom has seen the boom for affiliate marketing and these days the other potential markets such as Brazil, South Africa and Middle east had also started feeling the heat of this concept. The major online players of these areas such as Namshi, Wadi and Qatar Airways has started taking active participation in affiliate marketing and with the passing waves of time more and more online marketing professionals are joining the flourishing army of publishers in these areas.

We Shoogloo Media has targeted a young and expanding market of Middle east and effectively shown some outstanding results for our clients in term of traffic as well as increased revenues for them. We have partnership with almost all the major online retailers and travel portals where our publishers can participate and earn huge profits. Below are some of the major affiliate programs with us where our publishers are making good money: –


  1. Cleartrip UAE – Cleartrip is one of the popular and trusted travel portals all around the world. We at Shoogloo media provides the opportunity to our partners to work on the affiliate program for Cleartrip at very competitive price of $8 per flight booking and $12 per hotel booking with Cleartrip.
  2. Namshi – Namshi is one of the major client with Shoogloo media and we are continuously looking forward for partners to work with us on this campaign at exclusive rates of up to 15% and even more depending on the performances of our delivery partners.
  3. Wadi – Another major online retail portal of the middle east provides the publishers a immense earning opportunity to earn some healthy bucks from their traffic from Saudi Arabia and UAE. We at Shoogloo media provides the exclusive payout of up to $14 per sale and even more if the performance is good on the campaign.
  4. MarkaVIP – THIS Retailer is one of the major online hub for deals and discounts on the trending fashion wears and accessories. It provides the best quality product to the consumers and has its operations in multiple countries in middle east. The Cart value with this client is something which enables the publishers to earn huge revenues by running the affiliate program for it.
  5. Air Arabia – This travel client is one of the most potential carrying affiliate program with Shoogloo media. This campaign is active for multiple countries ranging from whole of GCC and countries like India, Pakistan and Srilanka etc.

In addition to the above mentioned campaigns Shoogloo media enable you to participate in more than 50 affiliate programs for various popular Clients from the MENA Region and continuously working hard to bring more and more merchants live with us to provide the best earning opportunities for our publishers.

CPA Campaigns vs CPS Campaigns

Being in affiliate marketing we often come across the terms CPA (cost per action) and CPS (Cost per sale). Many of us get confused to differentiate these both terms so let’s try to draw some significant difference as well as similarities between both these terms.

Prior to starting the differentiation and similarization of both these terms first let us discuss what exactly these both terms stand for. We will try to understand the real meaning of both these terms one by one.

Cost Per Sale – it is one of the most popular ways to monetize the traffic with affiliate links. Under this model an affiliate can earn a commission on every occasion in which consumer buy a product or services recommended by the affiliate. Under this model you are eligible for commission only when a sale is complete and that too under your affiliate link.

Cost Per Action – Under this model of affiliate marketing you will be eligible for commission whenever someone executes an action as required by the merchant. CPA includes wide range of activities such as form filling, membership of a website and sale etc. on the contrary of which CPS only pay for an actual sale. When a company implement CPA model let’s say an ecommerce company enter into a deal with search engine to attract more registered users. Now if 100 users clicked on the banner related to this promotion whether they got registered or not the ecommerce company will be liable to pay for each lead.

Now let’s discuss the differences in brief. To draw a conclusion on this we will evaluate both these terminologies let’s put them on test with following points: –


S.No Basis CPA CPS
1 Signing Up In CPA Network signing up is not a breeze. You may have to wait for couple of days for approval or you may get rejected if the mentioned details do not match the requirements of the network On the other hand, it is much easier to work with CPS Networks. You get fast approval and less restrictions in CPS Networks as compared to counterpart.
2 Commission Under CPA Model you will be promoting physical as well as digital products. The commission on the digital products can be up to 80% which is a huge chunk. Under CPS Model you will be promoting only physical products so the commission level under such campaigns are less as compared to CPA Models.
3 Affliate Manager You will be assigned with an affiliate manger in most of the CPA Networks who will guide you to make maximum use of your resources to convert more. In CPS Networks you are on your own most of the times. There may be networks who provide you a dedicated manger to keep track of the things. In networks such as click bank you have to decide on you are which product can yield maximum for you.
4 Traffic Sources Under this model the traffic generation sources may be restricted or we can say that under this model affiliates can work only on the selected traffic channels. Whenever you have a confusion on this it is strongly recommended to consult your affiliate manager. On the other hand, this model does not imply much restrictions on the traffic sources. But it is wise that you should concern your affiliate manger regarding use of promotion methods to avoid any kind of confusions
5 Refunds Under the CPA models the chances of refunds are negligible however merchant can go with commission reversal if they realize that you are providing fraudulent leads. As many of the ecommerce companies practice the return policies so there are good chances that your commission may be reversed in case of customers going with refund policies.

These were some of the points with which we can differentiate between these two terminologies. If you have any kind of questions or suggestion on this kindly feel free to drop a comment in comment box so that we can consider your points to make things more clear.